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Extreme Hot-Tubing!

Extreme Hot Tubing, It’s the Latest Rage!

There is a new “sport” getting more and more attention in Sweden, it’s called Extreme Hot-Tubbing. How do you play? Simple…you bring a hot tub to a place of amazing scenery or a very different type of place, the last place you would expect to see a hot tub.

The Jacuzzi Associaion (or l’Association Jaccuzzi) is an informal Swiss non-profit dedicated to fostering its members’ creativity and sense of camaraderie through extreme hot-tubbing. The group designs and builds their own hot tubs which they then place in some of the most precarious and unlikely spots. In the past, they have hosted Jacuzzi parties on top of a frozen lake, at the bottom of a cave, in a parking spot in downtown Geneva, and at the summit of Mont Blanc. Their last feat required 20 participants each hauling 45 pounds of specialized gear in a pre-dawn ascent in order to enjoy a 100 degree bath on the Alpine peak.

The Jacuzzi Associations most recent adventure.

One of their most exciting hot tub adventures including building a hot tub under the bridge, on a specially designed platform hanging by wires attached to the bridge 150 feet above.

 Bridge Tubing

Potential hot tubers had to then rappel down to the platform, suspended 450 feet above the gorge below.

Extreme Hot Tubbing


The following are other examples of Extreme Hot Tubing from all over the world.

This boat was made by a man who lived on a house boat and wanted to have a hot tub, but didn’t have room on his house boat for one. So he made a hot tub out of a dingy boat. Now he is making and selling these boats to others.

What a great way to watch your favorite sport! Live and in the comfort of a hot tub.

How cool (literally) is this! An igloo with a hot tub!

Check out this Hot Rod Tub! Vroom! Vroom! I wonder how much horsepower those jets have.


It a boat. No its an iceberg. No its a hot tub!

I can just imagine the fun they are going to be having with their hot tub in the middle of the lake.


Pick up your favorite lady in this convertible limo with a heart shaped hot tub and she will surely think you have gone David Hasselhoff on her.


There is a man in Las Vegas who has his own private resort that includes a hot tub filled with champagne


Do you have any ideas of extreme places for put a hot tub?  Comment and let us know!!!

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