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Need your hot tub serviced Utah Hot Tub owners?  Need a spa moved? Are you a do it yourselfer?  Backyards of America can help with all your hot tub and spa needs, as well as offer self help videos for DIY spa maintenance. Below is a list of our services offered and estimated prices. Our service team people are certified by Sundance Spas.  Call us with any questions. 801-561-0679

If there is a service not listed that you would like to have, please leave us feedback or contact us by phone or email.


Services Offered:

When it comes to servicing your spa, Backyards of America has the expertise to get the job done.  We carry chemicals to help keep your spa and pool water sparkling clean.  While we are a Sundance Spa dealer, our spa-certified technicians can service most makes and models.

Our 2015 hourly rate is $89 up to first hour,  and a trip charge of $15 within SLC valley. Out of areas add extra trip charge. Please call us for quotes. 801-561-0679

Spa Filter Replacement

Backyards of America carries every Sundance Spa filter, and we can service most makes and models.

It is Recommended that you bring in your old filter when buying a new one so that we can make sure it is an exact match!

If that is not an option, please let us know the manufacture and model of your spa. In addition, it will greatly help us to know the width, height and hole size of the filter. Some filters have holes on each end or threaded fittings with twist handles. Please let us know these features as well and we can get your specific filter.

Hot Tub Leaks

Spa leaks are tricky.  If you have a spa that is leaking 1-3 inches a week we have a product  called Fix-a-Leak ($17.99 a bottle) that will normally seal a leak of this nature. Some leaks are visible in equipment area and those should be fixed  ASAP. Internal leaks in the plumbing are typically the bad ones and may be more extensive than it’s worth to fix. The problem is you get one leak fixed (normally caused by freezing) and later you end up with another leak within months or weeks. These can be very costly and repairs can run $1000 +. Our opinion: let us swap it out for a new hot tub and we’ll haul it to the dump for free.

 Drain and Clean Package$285 in SLC area

  • Drain and clean spa
  • Clean or replace filter (filter replacement will incur additional costs)
  • Fill spa
  • Add chemicals and balance water
  • Clean cover and treat with 303 protectant
  • FREE 20-point inspection with this package (see below)

Backyards of America 20-Point Inspection: $89 in SLC area

1.   Check condition of cover
2.   Check cover lifter
3.   Check control panel display
4.   Test water
5.   Check filter condition
6.   Check slipstream skimmer
7.   Check aqua terrace control
8.   Check operation of massage selector
9.   Check air controls
10. Check ozone generator
11. Check pump noise
12. Check stereo system and speaker operation
13. Check operation of remote
14. Visual cabinet inspection
15. Visual inspection of equipment area
16. Check wiring
17. Check valves
18. Check terminal lug connections
19. Inspect pillows
20. Check house breaker (when possible)

Cover Treatment: $89

  • Inspect cover and lifting device
  • Clean cover
  • Treat cover with 303 Protectant
  • Free water test

Free Water Sample Treatment

Bring in a sample of your spa’s water and we’ll give you a free water test and chemical orientation.


Hot Tub Moving Service

Do you need to move a hot tub from one place to another?  Backyards can help, all for around $375 to $425 (prices will vary depending on distance moved and removal requirements).  (craning can be coordinated and is extra) Before removal, spas need to be drained and the site must be cleared for exit from the yard. In addition, the new placement site needs to have fairly easy access.

*Payment in full is required to schedule spa move

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Platinum Spa Service    Every 2 weeks

Water   Chemistry Test   & Adjust PH, Total alkalinity, and shock spa with chlorine. Add required   amount of Aqua Finesse. Spa will still need to be shocked after every   use  with 1 oz. granular   chlorine per person…
Filter Remove   filter and replace with clean one every visit. Requires additional filter   that gets cleaned at store. Filters numbered and replaced after 18 months of   usage. Micro clean filters replaced after 4-6 months depending on model and   billed separately.
Cover Spa   cover will be cleaned every other visit or once a month. Cover will also be   treated with 303 Protectant. Under cover spritzed with disinfectant. Cover   and lifter will be inspected for wear.
Cabinet Monthly   quick clean of outer cabinet with soapy water and inspection.
Inspection Tech   will test spa for operation of pumps, heater and blowers. Will inform owner,   through e-mail, of visit and any pertinent information.
Water   Level Spa   will be filled if low. (need   to have access to hose bib and hose)
Business Monthly   billing to be paid by credit card on file.The   price of chemicals are included in monthly fee.Filters   are charged when needed. The monthly fee is based on a normal 8′ x 8′ sq. or   less spa.9  ft. spas are $209,     Swim Spas   $249.Please   let us know any issues of entering yard, Dogs, Gate combinations,   alligators….Fees   based on Salt Lake City valley areas.Invoicing   will be e-mailed along with service mans notes. Notes:
Monthly   FeeCredit   Card Info

Backyards   of America


#_____________________________________Expiration   Date __________Zip   Code  ______________Name   on card    ________________________________Signature   ____________________________E-mail:   _______________________________________ $199
Date Start   Date     _________Week   day of service  _____ ______Filter   identification   #___________
Flush   Drain and fill Normal   fee of $289 if not signed up for Maintenance plan.  Recommended every 4-6 months $99
Winterize Normal   fee of  $149 $89
21   point inspection Normal   Fee of  $89  Recommended every 2 years $69


Hot Tub Winterizing Service ($149)

If you would like to winterize your spa, let us help! For one low price we come to your location, drain your spa, and winterize the spa so you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to repair leaks come next summer!

Call Backyards of America at (801) 561-0679 for details and pricing.

Come in and see our beautiful line of accessories that compliment your spa.


If you are unable to contact us please refer to your maintenance manual. You can also go to the Manuals Page that has links to the correct manual for your product.