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dover1Dover – 2 Person hot tub that’s perfect for just the two of you.

SD_2015_780_Dover_OH The 2 person Dover™ hot tub by Sundance Spas has everything you’re looking for. With its beautiful AquaSheer™ waterfall, LED-lighted footwell, molded drink holders, and highly effective SMT™ jet variations, the Dover rises above other two person hot tubs to compete feature-for-feature with larger spas. Check out the seating – there’s an Accu-Ssage™ therapy seat, and you can invite someone to sit next to you for a refreshing Hydrotherapy spa session. Ready for a 2 person spa that lets you get up close and personal? Then get ready for the Dover. To order your Dover Spa call Backyards of America in Salt Lake City Today – 801-561-0679

MSRP $11,241
Seats 2-3 adults
Dimensions 5’9″ X 6’10” X 30.5″ (176 cm x 209 cm x 78 cm)
Spa Volume 230 US gal (871 liters)
Total Jets 23 (5 varieties)



Cabinet Color

Click Here to Download or View the Dover Spec Sheet