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Capri-Hot Tub in Capri

SD_880_OH_Capri-2016Some people search the web for the “best hot tub” and others key in “best spa,” but no matter how you spell it, Sundance is what you’re seeking. There’s a Sundance® model for every backyard, from a tight corner to a big deck with a view. The Capri hot tub may be your ideal, with its side-by-side seating and armrests, plus Pulsator wrist jets. Calling to mind the carefree isle of Capri, this spa raises the category of hottubs-for-two to a new level with an illuminated waterfall, underwater lighting and an easy-to-reach digital control panel.

Since no man is an island (and even couples like company) there is room for three in the Capri – entice the grandkids over to visit using the “hot tub” invitation. Learn about all the reasons to love a Capri. Contact your local Sundance Spas dealer to talk about adding a Capri to your backyard. Call Backyards of America today at (801) 561-0679 to order your Capri Spa.


Seats2-3 adults
Dimensions5’9″ x 6’10” x 30.5″ (175 cm x 208 cm x 78 cm)
Spa Volume230 US gal (871 liters)
Total Jets31 (8 varieties)




Cabinet Colors

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