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Hanover– 780 Series Sundance Spa

hero-780-seriesWith room for up to six adults, the Hanover™ spa features a bench seat and a variety of massage combinations purposely placed in highly-sculpted seats. From a jetted buddy seat for two to high and low impact massage combinations, this 780™ Series model blends new technology with good old-fashioned know-how.

The robust Accu-Pressure™ therapy seat will make muscle tension and joint pain fade away with ample back coverage and targeted neck relief. The series-exclusive spiral-action, hands-on massage experience of the SMT™ seat eases tension in your neck and back. In the deep immersion seat, swirling and rifling jets deliver an experience similar to a deep tissue and trigger point massage.




Standard Features:

  • CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + Filtration -Treats water with the power
    of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens,
    resulting in clean, fresh water.
  • 780™ MicroClean® Filtration System with horizontal MicroClean®
    Filter, SlipStream™ weir, Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump and CLEARRAY® system.
  • Lighting and Waterfalls – Multicolor SunRay™ LED lighting
    is integrated into the spa interior and behind the AquaSheer™ waterfall.
  • Cabinetry Access and Exterior Indicator Light -UV-resistant synthetic
    cabinetry with tool-free EZ Access Door makes maintenance a breeze.
  • Controls -Efficient control panel with illumination simplifies spa functions day or night.
Size – 84″ x 84″ x 36″
Dry Weight – 740 lbs (336 kg)
Filled Weight – 3627 lbs (1645 kg)