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Extreme Hot Tubs – Float Your Boat

HAVING water inside a boat would usually be cause for concern. But this isn’t your average boat – it’s a floating luxury hot tub… with views like no other.


Those with a spare $40,000 can now buy the Hot Tub Boat, which is manufactured in Seattle.

The 4.6-metre vessel can fit six people and has a 2.4m hot tub which can be heated up to 40 degrees celcius via its diesel-powered boiler.

The boat is controlled with a joystick positioned next to the hot tub, and the water temperature can be controlled with a thermostat.

But it’ll be a slow journey – the boat has a maximum speed of 8kph and can sail for up to 10 hours. By that time the passengers’ skin will be very pruny.

There’s a “swimstep” to provide easy access to the surrounding water – but passengers may find the temperature difference quite extreme.


Powered by a 24-volt electric drive system, it also has a waterproof stereo with pop-up speakers, a deck crafted from African teak, four ice chests, storage compartments, a rechargeable battery and navigation lights and led lights on the deck, the lights can easily be replaced should they run out at any time, you can purchase them from https://www.atlanticmarineinc.com/lighting/.

It’s being sold by US-based retailer Hammacher Schlemmer, but the boats can also be rented in the Seattle area.


By Kate Schneider, Travel Editor

  • From: news.com.au
  • January 24, 2013 10:58AM
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