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Hot Tub Chemicals For Sensitive Skin

If you own a hot tub and are experiencing issues with your skin and water chemistry see us and will show you a better system that will most likely be more efficient than what your using but also act like an emollient on your skin. After 34 + years in the hot tub industry and [...]

Hot tubs are they worth it?

The Hot Tub industry got started a little over 35 years ago. It continually grows today with millions of units in homes around the world. Europe is now growing faster with more sales of hot tubs there than ever before. Simply put if Hot Tubs were a fad they would have burned out 25 years [...]

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Improve Sleep With a Hot Tub

Improve Sleep With a Hot Tub, Music and a Book NOV 5, 2010 | A. PARRA   Sleep Benefits of Hot Tubs and Other Hidden Factors According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 70 million people in the United States are affected by sleep problems. A poll released by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) [...]

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Benefits of a Spa!

  Benefits of a Hot tub or Spa The heat, buoyancy and massage elements of a hot tub can provide a number of health benefits. People with nagging aches or pains, stiff muscles, circulation problems, headaches, sleep disturbances and chronic medical conditions like diabetes; chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis may alleviate their symptoms and [...]

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