Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

//Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hot tub cost?

o   Typically, spas average around $7500 to $15,000

How much does hot tub installation cost?

o   When purchasing a spa installation / delivery is usually included.

§  Extras would be if crane is required.

How much will it cost each month to run a spa?

o   Full foam spas are the most energy efficient. $15 – $25 per month depending on size and use. Non full foam can run $40 to $80 per month depending on climate and use.  

Do hot tubs come with a warranty?

o   Most spas have a warranty. 2 to 5years on running equipment. Shells 5 to 10 years on average.   

How easy is it to relocate my hot tub in case I move?

o   Their called portable spas because you can move them. It does take a team to do so.     

 What Temperature should you keep a spa at?

o   Average hot tub user keeps their spas between 101 and 103. Industry standard setting is limited to 104 degrees.

Should I shower before using hot tub?

o   Not normally but not a bad idea and don’t substitute using spa for taking a bath.

What should I look for when buying a used spa?

o   Make sure it is full and running to ensure that it doesn’t leak and works. Check serial number for manufacture date.

How long should a spa cover last?

o   Depending on the climate and environment and cover care most covers can last between 3 – 8 years.

Do hot tubs need plumbing to them?

o   Most portable hot tubs are self-contained. Just fill with garden hose. Drain and fill every 4-6 months.

What kind of electrical is needed for a hot tub.

o   Most spas require 220V. 50 amp. 110V. units are available but not recommended in cold climates. Check with an electrician for cost and codes.

What is difference between hot tub and spa?

o   None, same thing. Most manufactures refer to their spas as spas. I.E Sundance Spas or Jacuzzi Spas.

Can I get a rash from spa?

o   Yes, it typically is called Pseudomonas or spa folliculitis. It’s due to a lack of sanitizer in the tub.

Salt generators vs. other sanitizers?

o   Most spa manufactures have gotten away from salt generators due to excess warranty issues. The volume of salt can be very corrosive on equipment. Look to alternative items that are less abusive to spa such as UV light and ozone combination units.

Chlorine vs bromine?

o   Heavy use by families may want to stick to the bromine system but a shift in spa maintenance has more people going with a granular chlorine program.  Check with your dealer for this different kind of programs.

Can I use swimming pool chemicals in spa?

o   Not recommended. Pool chemicals can be too strong.

What kind of surface do I need to put spa on?

o   Generally speaking, a flat concrete pad is best. If on a raised wood deck, make sure its structured for the weight. Filled spas can weigh on average 3000-7000 lbs divided by the square footage of spa.

o   There are premade spa pads available as well from most dealers.

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